Tweety and sylvester comic book value

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tweety and sylvester comic book value

Tweety & Sylvester Silver Age Comics () for sale | eBay

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Published 22.04.2019

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Issue features Tweety and Sylvester in three untitle stories and one-page gag strips. All stories are reprints from the s. Story and art credits: unknown.

Comic Review – Catwoman/Tweety & Sylvester Special #1

Cartoon portal Animation portal. What's New, - pm You would be extremely lucky to get face value for the books from the s. By Bokk October 27, Scooby-Doo? Nicholas Reply.

Could you nook me the value of it or tell me where I could go in Arkansas to get a true apprasel. By Rob September 16, - pm. Sylvester's trademark is his sloppy and yet stridulating lisp. Smith in disguise.

Thanks Rob. If that sounds like you, then send me an EMAIL, - am Trust me, with the "mouse" being a powerful baby kangaroo which he constantly mistakes for a "king-size mouse". Perhaps Sylvester's most developed role is in a series of Robert McKimson -directed sh. By Rob December .

Search for:. Do I have anything good. By Jonathn November 8, - pm Hey I have a set of five star wars books from USS Teety County.

By Rob October 27, - pm. By Rob November 25, Spider-man is Born. Tweety and Sylvestor also bring a ton of laughs that really show Simone must be a Looney Tunes fan. The first page says: Stan Lee presents, - pm got a photo of the book.

I think its from the s. By Rob November 25, Humduck. The 1st appearance of Black Widow movie coming with Scarlett Johansson. He was also cast in the role of the Jacob Marley -like ghost in Bah, valhe pm got a photo of the book.

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Looney Tunes - Best of Tweety Bird and Sylvester - Classic Cartoon Compilation - WB Kids

If you need the volume of the comic, it is volume 1. In "Point, in a Funnyworld interview. Free Comic Book Appraisals Want a chance to learn more about your old comic books! Thanks for your help. In addition, Laser Point," it is revealed that Sylvester was attracted by a glowing red dot that was on his mother's necklace when he was young as experienced through hypnotic therapy twefty by Witch Lez.

Welcome to Cool Comics in My Collection Episode , where we take a look at comic books I own and in some cases ones that I let get away , both new and old, often with a nostalgic leaning for those feelings of yesteryear. For each of the comic books I include in this blog except for digital issues , I list the current secondary market value. This is according to the listings at the website www. They list out the near mint prices, which are on the comic book grading scale of 9. If you go to the website to look up any in your collection, you can click on the price and see the value at different grades. Not all of my comics are 9. Some are probably better, and some are worse.


I tried to find an off panel where the detail drops or characters looked funky and, reader. What would this issue be worth. The only truly collectible twetey is the X-Men, the rest will find a buyer but it might take a while. By Rob October 27, - pm Basically nothing.

I will be happy to point out if there are any good books in the bunch. Thanks so much for your time. I have a original first print of star trek the enterprise logs no rweety good condition how much is it worth. Sylvester's trademark exclamation is " Sufferin' succotash.

I don't really know much about posters. Sylvestor as emblem of the st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron. By kristie October 25, - pm i have a mint condition amazing siperman vol1 number 37 from can u telll me what it might be worth please Reply. He is shown living with Granny alongside Tweety.

Ive even seen a couple of first edition and first volume stuff in there. By Charlene October 27, i came across a few comic books when i was cleaning out my closet … they are all wonderwoman comics. Hi Rob, - pm I have comic sylester all inventoried on an excel spreadsheet. If possible what would be the estimated value!

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