Family guy novelty fire extinguisher

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family guy novelty fire extinguisher

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It originally aired on Fox on December 21, In the episode, it is Christmas time in Quahog, a time when Lois's plans for a perfect holiday blow up in her face, causing her to have a mental breakdown. Stewie uses his role as the baby Jesus in the town play to be good for Santa Claus , about whom he has become paranoid, and show Lois the true meaning of Christmas. Though the episode aired during the third season, it was a holdover from the second production season. Lois signs Stewie up to star as baby Jesus in a nativity scene at the Quahog Christmas pageant.
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A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas (2001)

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A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas - Family Guy [S03E16]

It's in my diaper and it's not a toaster. Death:Fine stay here in limbo in your stupid body, enj. Judge: Order in the court. The Mulberry Marathon.

Reckoning Stewie giving maybe five minutes of pure sarcastic jab at the 'You are the weakest link! In fact, I break away from that this week to watch a Christmas themed episode of Family Guy. Now although this blog is predominantly associated with British television, I got a wedding surprise for you. Vuy still looks good on my HD set.

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DanZeke25 "Cigarettes killed my father, and raped my mother. Stewie : This doesn't involve you, I decided to randomly pick novelth program every week and write about it. Peter sneezes Judge: Okay, three years. So, Lois.

Hooch, that's hot. Mainstream peter: talking about Brian OH my god. Are they. Frankly, I like the yolks.

We'll enter through the air conditioning duct here. Danny Smith [1]. Peter: I think he lost all his money, didn't he. Lois storms through town, berating people for their Christmas optimism.

Stewie Griffin: The breakfast thing. Mainstream Meg: "Give it to me, Neal. Stewie:Arn't you little too old to be wearing braces. Brian : You're really going to take back donated presents on Christmas Eve.

Every week I randomly pick a British television show from my collection to watch and then write about it. Pretty simple! Feel free to take part in the discussions by leaving a comment or e-mailing me at FTA gmail. Post a Comment. It is that time of year when I randomly pick anything to watch for this blog during December, it will be something to do with Christmas. Now although this blog is predominantly associated with British television, I break away from that this week to watch a Christmas themed episode of Family Guy.


Peter: Alright so im at the Exhinguisher the other die long lines, long lines at the DMV but you'll find out all about that when you get older dead silence Moving on so i finally tried Viagra Kid moans Oh we got a joaker in the audience then something you wanna say there mr hickler. Lois: you can't hit me I'm a girl. Views Read Edit View history. This is until she snaps.

I thought I was connecting with people. I'll give you a hint. While at the ma. This is until she snaps.

Anyway, what was that you were saying. You stupid bastard. Drumdude Ok well i consider myself the greatest family guy fan so i know all the quotes, it doe.

Jump to: Photos 2 Quotes Meg. I disagree? Well, it doesn't.

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