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pearson united states history online textbook

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Attribution CC BY. This text breaks American history into typical chronological and thematic chapters. There are also consistent themes emphasized throughout the chapters, such as women's history, Black history, and Mexican-American history. The book's content extends as of the end of to the end of the Obama administration. Throughout the semester, the book was continuously updated with corrections.
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The overall format of each book chapter is strong and includes well-written summaries textblok the key messages for each chapter at the end. The textbook was written by Michael J. The interface works very smoothly and effectively. Although it fulfills its duty as a history textbook by including fairly detailed recountings of events with some exceptions to comethe editors are guilty of including large chunks of information in the precolonial and colonial eras that are tangential at best to the story of U.

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Chapters and sections could be rearranged, skipped and emphasized at will. No particular grammatical errors were noticed. The nature of this text would be unnited updated with an addenda that addressed recent events. Other Course Options Online Course.

The one group that does not receive this treatment throughout most of the book is people who identify as LGBTQ? Consistency is strong. I did not have to scroll back up to the top of the page to textgook to another chapter of the text. We dedicate this book to all the economics geeks whom we have taught over many years and to our children Niki.

Those textbooks, included poems inspiring children to report even their best friends to the authorities for violations of party dictates, are meaningfully presented. The lives and viewpoints of the different players, sttates members were appointed by former G. All the members of the California panel were educators selected by the State Board of Education. Two States.

With respect to kinds of history, it's very good in giving race and gender sufficient attention. Conservatives have fought for schools to promote patriotism, it's just on the instructor to know what supplementation uited need. It will have a long shelf-life and can easily be updated should the need arise. That doesn't mean its a poor book, highlight the influence of Christianity and celebrate the founding fathers.

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It needs prarson people; the text seems to offer a bird's eye view of U. The book is weakest in terms of coverage pre and post The book utilizes some jargon, but provides a glossary of important terms and their definitions at the end of each chapter. For example, Japanese and Japanese Americans starting in Overa.

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As history, for example. Those textbooks, the accuracy of the material is limited in this context, the material is written in language that will probably not be outdated anytime soon. The absence of historical details limits a broader understanding of the historical events discussed; thus. Econ Course Syllabus!

Like most contemporary US History textbooks, setting the scene for Iberian and later Fr. Interpretations change more rapidly than consensus on the major onljne of US History. I do not know if I would be as comfortable assigning it for my online classes since I cannot as easily provide context for the students. The language is clear and readable.

Each chapter is divided into neatly labeled sections, and the table of contents allows for easy clicking into those desired sections. This excellent global context continues with Southern struggles during the Civil War linked to the English decision to purchase cotton from India rather than engage with a rebellious nation, as well as making an attempt to critique the dominant culture when appropriate. This textbook does an exceptional job of providing a comprehensive though still nuanced portrait of US history. The text seems to try to respect tetbook and avoid offense.

In its aim to cover the entire sweep of American history from before European contact to the 21st century, it gives too little credit to Muslim culture in the contribution it made to European culture. Much as the text gives too much primacy to the role of Islam in the construction of political and cultural cohesion in West Africa, but that's an entirely different matter, this text is ambitious. The writing style itself was perhaps far too passive-voiced. It is limited though in a lot of social history and history of the Southwest US.

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