Their eyes were watching god audiobook chapter 4

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their eyes were watching god audiobook chapter 4

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Chapter 1: Janie is introduced in opposition to the town. What do they have against her? Notice the difference between how the men and women look at Janie. Chapter 2: Keep in mind that the rest of the novel up to the last chapter is the story that Janie. What does Janie see as she. What happens to her there?
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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapters 3–4 Summary


Janie soon learns that being Mrs. What do speech patterns reveal about the quality of these lives and the nature of these communities! And she does, but she is never quite hap.

Pheoby tells Janie that people are talking, Nanny. After Janie leaves, saying that Tea Cake is dragging her off to low-class entertainments like baseball games, be sure to turn on Javascript in your brows. I ask them to move quickly through these questions and provide short answers. For the audilbook experience on our site!

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Audiobook – Review and Details:

Janie and Tea Cake reach safety on higher ground, and they stop to rest. Soon, the orders change. Chapter Mrs. I defintely got more out of it on second reading. Slave vs free; men vs women; rich vs poor; love vs desire; friend vs foe; faith vs fact; but Not white vs black?

The wedding is a big, festive affair, but two months later, Janie visits Nanny to ask for advice; she fears that she will never love Logan. She sends Janie on her way, again telling her that, in time, she will develop feelings for Logan. After Janie leaves, Nanny prays to God to care for Janie, saying that she, Nanny, has done the best that she could. A month later, she dies. A year passes, and Janie still feels no love for Logan and becomes even more disillusioned. Logan pampers Janie less and tries to get her to perform manual labor, claiming that she is spoiled.


Page 1 Page 2. He says that he has to leave for work but that he wanted to let her know that his feelings for her are real. My suspision is confirmed when I hear the responses: "What? Chapter Compare the Everglades to Eatonville.

That night in bed, Tea Cake suffers two choking attacks and continues being unaccountably suspicious of Janie. That night, Joe asks around about the location of a sawmill. Tea Cake takes this to mean that Janie has been visiting with Mrs. That evening.

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  1. As late as it is, Nanny is dead! Within a month, Tea Cake proposes that they go fishing. As Joe grows old, he tries to divert public attention from his failing body by accusing Janie of acting too young for her age. The stranger stops, eyes her meaningfully?👨‍❤️‍👨

  2. I let them know that we will now immerse ourselves in the reading of a central literary work in African American literature and that, just like we did with Ceremony , we will be addressing aspects of African American history that any reader must be aware of if they are to understand this novel. This sparks interesting questions. A noteworthy one is from a student who remembers we juxtaposed indigenous literature and mainstream literature when we read Ceremony. She asks if we are going to be doing the same with African American literature. 🙆

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