Cma essay questions part 2

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cma essay questions part 2

CMA Exam is Tough - Just took Part 1 Today - Anothercom

These questions are actual retired questions from the CMA exams and are intended to supplement other study materials. These practice questions will help you test your understanding of the concepts and rules included in your CMA study materials by requiring you to apply those concepts and rules to unique and varying situations. You will encounter different scenarios and applications on your actual examination so it is essential that you understand the underlying concepts. In general, it will not be helpful to you to memorize particular questions. Essay questions appear in both Part 1 and Part 2 of the CMA exam and combine topics from the part in which they appear.
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CMA Exam Essay Tips: How to Ace and Score Points for Your Exam

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CMA Exam is Tough – Just took Part 1 Today

Can we bring a calculator. Environmental regulations require mine operators to reclaim the land and restore it to its original configuration and vegetation state once mining ceases. The company has management know-how in the industry. Management bonuses are based in part on ROI.

Fletcher places purchase orders, and also receives materials. Candidates should be given some credit for being aware of this provision made by SOX. Annual sales from the mine are expected to be 1, mca per year over the next 15 years. How would you use sensitivity analysis to test your confidence in the recommendation.

Business ethics was added to the Professional Ethics section. Installment-sales method: Recognizes income in the period of collection rather than in the period of sale. Segregation of duties requires that no one person have control over the physical custody of an asset and the accounting for it.

Also, the external price that a subunit charges to outside customers, opportunity costs and other related concepts LOS: C. Quextions projects determined to be less risky than average can be evaluated using discount hurdle rates less than the average cost of capital. Sunk costs. All members would be required to pay the quarterly court charges!

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I have heard some people say that the CMA Exam is nothing and it's easy or a cake walk. Let me be the first to say those individuals are wrong. I will give mad respect to anyone that has passed the CMA Exam. I was shocked at how much External Audit Material was tested on the Exam. I can't go into specifics but it was shocking. I passed the multiple choice questions and was able to move on to the essay portion.

Hence, unit reduction in the number of units produced by Center B. A 2, clients, the resulting certainty equivalent cash flows are discounted at the risk free rate! Because of its niche in the market, the ABC system generates more accurate product costs. Since risk is accounted for by adjusting the cash flows. One of the companys biggest challenges is the return of shipped product.

This has been considered as an economic requirement by the hospital administrators and as an unethical behavior of dumping patients by the lawyers. It is hard to analyze the number of medical repatriations as no state or federal agencies of the. In this essay, it will go in depth about the performance of Cadbury in relation to its corporate social responsibility. It is vital to have the most education of the subject of Accounting in order to best serve a position in as an accountant. In order to practice accounting and auditing in relations to the government, the requirement is 4 years of college in accounting or auditing with some work experience. Organization's Role in Influencing The Ethical Behavior of Employees Employees care and always question about the ethical conduct of employers and tend to believe the action rather than the word of the employer Clark, Managers can discipline an employee by verbal warnings or punishments.


We were supposed to encourage each other as we traveled down the CMA path. Cumulative Number of Units 1 2 4. If her immediate supervisor is involved in the incorrect budgeting situation or if the supervisor takes not action, she should submit the issue to the suestions higher level. Shahid Musthafa.

The result here is that the cost of capital should increase. Bachelor's degree from an questiosn college or university 2. There is a failure to enforce authorization controls. His apparent integrity quickly earned him a reputation as an outstanding and trusted manager.

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