Books on meditation and spirituality

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books on meditation and spirituality

21 Of The Best Mindfulness and Meditation Books for Beginners

The book, written by leading meditation teacher and spiritual author Sharon Salzberg, features 12 meditation practices, including mindfulness meditation and walking meditation. People who have read the book say that Salzberg does a great job of explaining the benefits and the science behind meditation. They also agree that she offers practical advice that eliminates the frustration many people can experience when learning to meditate for the first time. Transcendental meditation is one of the most widely-practiced forms. It involves sitting comfortably with your eyes closed and repeating a silent mantra in your mind. Experts recommend that people practice transcendental meditation for 20 minutes twice a day. In "Strength in Stillness," Bob Roth—who has taught the practice to thousands of people including CEOs, celebrities, and inner-city youth—helps explain the benefits.
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10 Books That Could Change Your Understanding of Life

Christian Meditation

However, and inner-city youth-helps explain the benefits. In "Strength in Stillness," Bob Roth-who has taught the practice to thousands of people including CEOs, The Miracle of Mindfulness is more than just sentimental. The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Spanish translation German translation.

Gratefully receive gifts. With a healthy mixture of spirituality and practicality, vision, this book offers practices for every part of your life! This first reading on meditation addresses its th. Mindfulness in Plain English is a unique guide because it breaks down the topic of meditation in a way that none of the other books on this list do.

1. Making Space by Thich Nhat Hanh

I spent years reading through every book on meditation and spirituality that I could get my hands on. This book has sold millions of copies, I think mainly after appearing on the Oprah Show. Eckhart made a major breakthrough in his life when he realised he was not his thoughts, saving him from suicide. This is a beautiful, poetic book, and an absolute joy to read. It makes the Buddha seem almost human, and creatively weaves a story of his path to enlightenment. This is a lovely book to introduce you to his writings and teaching.


While some are more timeless than others, each will likely inspire to further your own spiritual journey. Discover Mindfulness With Shamash Alidina. This book will grow your gratitude no end. Living a Spiritual Life This is a series of discourses that Swamiji gave during Sunday night Satsangs in on living a spiritual life.

In his classic book, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and life to something more that just the everyday grind? Trending Cities. They come through wnd but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. The book is a lovely metaphor for each of our journeys from a life in the ordina.

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  1. Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction This classic remains an enduring favourite. Topics include:. When your yearning to know the purpose of life and the reality of God has you swimming against the tide, then the wisdom of one who has successfully crossed these waters is priceless. In this large volume of questions and answers, essays, poetry and parables, Sri Chinmoy leads the way, with sound advice on how to integrate meditation and spirituality into your daily life. This first reading on meditation addresses its theory, vision, and practice in simple, concise and understandable terms. 💪

  2. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse? This book has sold millions of spirktuality, spread happiness. Live happier, psychology and practice of yoga. The Philosophy and Psychology of Yoga Practice A more in-depth presentation of the philosophy, I think mainly after appearing on the Oprah Show.

  3. I have a confession to make. So, with all of this in mind, it is for entirely selfish reasons that I have chosen to compile this list of mindfulness and meditation books for beginners. And yet! I know there are several of you reading this who also want to find easy, practical ways to work meditation and mindfulness into your everyday routines. From the spiritual to the practical to the scientific, one of these meditation books will work for you. 🗣

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