Detroit book and author luncheon

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detroit book and author luncheon

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The confluence of events was ironic, to say the least. According to Gov. Rick Snyder, Flint no longer needed the cases of purified water after tests revealed that the lead in its tap water was within federal guidelines for safe drinking water. Detroit journalist and author Anna Clark was watching closely. Clark grew up in St. Joseph, on the shores of Lake Michigan, but as a writer has been keenly focused on social justice and urban issues. In the interim, it was decided the city would tap the Flint River, as it had up until the s, and upgrade its old water treatment plant to treat the water.
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Tickets go on sale April 6, The Luncheon will be held at Burton Manor Schoolcraft, Livonia, MI on Monday, May 18th – Event Details.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here. And we need it every day. Over readers were in attendance. We fill in the uncertainties of the story the author has written.

Contact her at susanwhitall. It chronicles the Attica Prison Uprising of and its legacy. Thank you, Weam. The story deals with how friendship unravels.

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The annual luncheon features talks by well-known authors, and books are available for purchase and signing. I believe this is the largest such organization in the US. Over readers were in attendance. The less glamorous friend is the narrator. Messud told the group she wrote the story about middle school friends because she believes that what happens in middle school determines who we are as adults.


He tried for years to profile quarterback Tom Brady, and in, Without clean water we die. She gave her audience a real look at the behind-the-scenes writing of this book! S?

She tells the story of what aithor happened inthat so much can go wrong, predominantly African-American community meant there was less urgency about acting on the tips. I agree with her. She also believes that Flint being a poor, and ultimately what happened afterwards. It is a cautionary tale.

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