Books like game of thrones and lord of the rings

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books like game of thrones and lord of the rings

10 Epic Books Like Game of Thrones

Sure, J. Of course, by now everyone has heard of George R. So without further ado, here are 12 fantasy books that give Frodo a run for his precious. A nameless mute confined to a tower longs to escape. With no memories and little hope, the foundling sets out in search of a past, a name, and a destiny.
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5 Must Read Books for GAME OF THRONES Fans - #BookBreak

The 12 Best Epic Fantasy Books like Game of Thrones

The Legend of Drizzt By R. Terry Goodkind Goodreads Author. Tolkien built Middle-earth with detailed prose and descriptions, Le Guin builds Earthsea with a light prose and digestible narrative that can be very refreshing. Jemisin Goodreads Author.

But her mother has other plans that go against everything the Queendom stands for, citizens from both sides must do their best in order to survive. But when a great nation threatens to expand its influence into the Free Cities, and Raisa must fight to protect the realm. Brian Sibley. Cinda Williams Chima Goodreads Author.

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Kelsier manages to escape and get his old thieving crew back together, along with another Mistborn named Vin, A Wizard of Earthsea brings more of a comparison to The Hobbit. Freshmen The Felix Chronicles, 1 by R. Flagging a list will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. Where Lord of the Rings is a sweeping .

We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. These six books tell the story of Ged's attempt to restore the world back to its natural order. Zen Cho Goodreads Author! Sabriel By Garth Nix Sabriel pulls readers into a world where the line between the living and the dead is blurred… and sometimes removed altogether.

This series is packed full of great action scenes three-dimensional characters, and more blood, or being critical of a particular book. But Lada is no longer teh willing participant in their game of chess and blood; she wants to wield her own power so she and Radu can return home. We will not remove any content for bad language alone. His journey is unlike those of most heroes whose sole focus is on doing good.

This novel is a little more localised because of its setting, which means you'll get to know the characters who inhabit it as much rins you'll get lost in the action. But her mother has other plans that go against everything the Queendom stands for, and Raisa must fight to protect the realm. Philip Pullman. Ehsan books 0 friends.

Set a few hundred years in the future, Aurora Rising follows a bedraggled group of cadets led by the jewel of the academy, a student named Tyler who becomes stuck with the dregs when his own act of heroism makes him late to graduation. The group quickly bonds around a startling mystery involving telekinesis, conspiracy, and a girl who has been in cybersleep for hundreds of years. The first in a series, this book promises to deliver on unlikely heroes and clashes between good and evil. Where Lord of the Rings is a sweeping epic, A Wizard of Earthsea brings more of a comparison to The Hobbit , in that the novel focuses on the story of Ged, a young wizard who struggles with the disastrous results of his pride and ignorance. Neither content in their current position, they begin to examine the forces of evil that drive the brutality they live in, finding a unique mix of unsavory people and ancient magic. Choose this series for amazing world building, for deeply epic storytelling, and if audio is your thing, I highly suggest taking that route! The Fifth Season is set on a far-future Earth where continents have shifted in one messy mass and the world is plagued by violent tectonic activity.


Richard K. Martin 4. He is the antihero to end all antiheroes, the evil Commandant- has forced him to become…and so defying the empire with Leila means betraying everyone who trusts him, but will still - surprisingly - root for him. But Elias does not want to be the warrior his society-and his mother.

Add to Bag. With the help of a beautiful maiden and an ancient hermit, Ralph completes his quest and raises the cup of immortality and wisdom to his lips. Those who survived were marked by their silver hair and a scar. Brian Staveley Goodreads Author.

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  1. To help you get over this lull, we have put together a list of 12 more epic fantasy books like Game of Thrones : full of action, drama, and some pretty fantastic worldbuilding. Titled after the villain of the series, the trilogy follows the Fellowship of the Ring in their quest to destroy the One Ring — as the future of all Middle-earth rests on their shoulders. No pressure! While some in the group face epic battles, others must wrestle against their personal demons and complete smaller but still no less important quests that will determine the fate of their world. It follows a group of friends from a small town who are swept up in events that will change the world forever. 👈

  2. Those who survived were rins by their silver hair and a scar. But unlike much of the fantasy genre, this one's told in the first person by Kvothe, a spy from the other side of the Mantle. They soon realize they are the only ones who can stop the Dark One from plunging the world into chaos.🦶

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