Joe and charlie big book study guide

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joe and charlie big book study guide

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After 70 years, the book Alcoholics Anonymous referred to as the Big Book is still the best and only source for step by step instruction on the practical program of action that leads to recovery from addiction. The first pages of the book the pages that describe the program which were collectively put together by the first alcoholics who recovered have hardly been changed since it was first published because the collective wisdom of millions of recovered and recovering addicts is that those pages are as useful today as they were back in Those who use this book regularly, not as a study guide, but as a guide to practical action get the best recoveries. Over the years, especially in the s, many groups and individuals in AA and other fellowships lost sight of the importance of the Big Book and even lost sight of the necessity to take Steps early and intensely. Two alcoholics, Charlie and Joe, were together entirely responsible for a renewal of interest in the Big Book through their Big Book Study retreats which added much meaning and background to using the Big Book. Click here for the first pages of the "Big Book", and click here for a transcript of an entire Charlie and Joe Study weekend study group the first 3 pages are an Index, the actual sessions begin on page 4. You can also listen to Charlie and Joe - there are 35 mp3s available here from one weekend - available for download.
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Joe & Charlie Big Book Study Part 1 of 15 - AA History

AA Joe & Charlie Big Book Study

If yes, Would you be willing to ask this higher power for help without any reservations. I heard about a meeting of AA Big Book fundamentalists in the Toronto area, named "The Muckers" for the way they study the. He said he was free then and invited me to come to the Serenity House where we could talk. Listen to the entire big book study with this high-quality app.

About Other Speakers. We think this account of our experiences will help everyone to better understand the alcoholic. The 10th Step. My own temptation is "get Muckers and a bit of Joe and Charlie and a pinch of Wally"to get a much better recipe for me.

We Agnostics - Part 1. Those who make up our Group are very active in taking the message of the Big Book into those places where suffering alcoholics wind up seeking shelter and help. So what we have in Dallas is a group of alcoholics who try to emulate the man who was our inspiration? He passed ad on Sept.

Joe had wondered if Charlie P might be the country singer Jke Pride. It went very smoothly and most of the important decisions were made. Join Now. Giving His "Chalk Talk".

This Charlie P. Others have accused them of making money on these weekends? It so happened that Myers was in the book binding business. Classic AA Big Book studies right from the archivists that record and distribute them.

He was one of the forty Akron Pioneers who established A. On Resentment - Part 2 3. We Agnostics - Part 1. He passed away on Sept?

4th Step Guide - Joe McQ. & Charlie P. - 3 CD Set

Joe started to reject the invitation suspecting that the men who were coming would talk about the evils of drinking. Email help guardyoureyes. Doctor's Opinion 6. The 4th Step - sex list.

To listen to tracks you will need to update your browser to a recent version. Bob's Last Talk His job required that he travel but he suggested I give him a call after the Holidays and see when he would be home so I could spend some time with him. Gene told me the Seminar was a four day event and had been successful in other vuide of the country but this would be the first in the Southwest.

Someone suggested that a Big Book Study Guide would help solve the problem of drifting away from the material in the Big Book. Join us on Facebook. Tap on any audiobook link to expand it's mp3 tapes. As his mind cleared, the thought of putting that cigarette in his mouth became a little repulsive considering who had licked it.

I returned to Dallas the next day and immediately started trying to see where we could hold a meeting. A taping of that presentation was made charlei called "The Big Book Study". He has personally interviewed and tape recorded almost of the original A. Leave this field empty!

Very often, new groups in Alcoholics Anonymous are the result of a growing resentment by a segment of a group. They finally reach a point of dissatisfaction to the extent that they leave that group and start one which is more to their liking. We had a well defined purpose; to focus on the content of our Basic Text and improve the effectiveness of our Fellowship. Bob and ultimately the publishing of our Basic Text, our story begins. A resident of Little Rock, Arkansas found himself to be an alcoholic of the hopeless variety.

The 3rd Step Doing the writing would be no problem but how to put it in book form was a question we had no quick answer to. The 6th and 7th Step. That interest began a close friendship which has lasted to this day. A taping of that presentation was made and called "The Chrlie Book Study".

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I had thought moving away from my home town and to a large city and becoming independent would solve all my problems. It can help you to understand the Big Book better and learn what is needed to keep yourself in sobriety. The 10th Step Do you follow the Big Book from front cover charrlie back cover written by Bill W.

Where does the obsession or the illusion take many of us, with the help of his sponsor, most of us. I was reasonably active in the Fellowship and attended conferences and Roundups with some regularity. The 4th Step - Part 4. Snyder an sober in Februa.

I also began developing a deep interest in our Basic Text and was made to realize how utterly simple our Program of Recovery really is. It is estimated that during her career, decent paying job with a great company and I even like annd people I work with, Sister Ignatia helped over 10. I have a secure. It so happened that Myers was in the book binding business.

With the streets of Tulsa covered with ice, there was an in-depth study of the Big Book. The 10th Step. Where did this lead us. It went very smoothly and most of the important decisions were made.

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