A book by its cover rare and used books

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a book by its cover rare and used books

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Book collecting is the collecting of books , including seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever books are of interest to a given collector. The love of books is bibliophilia , and someone who loves to read, admire, and collect books is called a bibliophile. Book collecting can be easy and inexpensive: there are millions of new and used books, and thousands of bookstores , including online booksellers such as Abebooks , Alibris , Amazon , and Biblio. Wealthy book collectors pursue great rarities such as the Gutenberg Bible , and Shakespeare's First Folio , books which are both famous and extremely valuable. Collectors of lesser means may collect works by a favorite author, first editions of modern authors, or books on a given subject. Book prices generally depend on the demand for a given edition, the number of copies available, and a book's condition. Some collectors join associations such as The Fine Press Book Association, which is aimed at collectors of modern fine printing.
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A Book By Its Cover Used and Rare Books - Dartmouth Ave, Louisville, Kentucky - Rated 5 based on 2 Reviews "Best damn used and rare.

Collecting Rare Books

Keep your books stored safely. How do you know. With so many bookstores going out of business and readers turning to e-copies, we need more emphasis on the power of the physical book. Buying Rare Books in Finland.

I contacted the owner via the web site and bought the book I wanted on his doorstep Books Tell You Why, with an inventory limited to the valuable rare and fine arts book collections! S. Do check the details of the book you want to buy to make sure it is what you want; do think about the condition of the boosk and do use a reputable bookseller.

But once again, satire has been outstripped by real life.
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An Introduction to Antique Books

Many people first encounter rare books by chance. You find a dusty box full of books in the corner of the attic; you spot a book that looks interesting in a car boot sale; you find that a relative has left you a family Bible. You may have questions about the contents of the book, or about its former owners, but you may also be interested in its value. From time to time there are news stories about the discovery or sale of very valuable books. Although there are a small number of books which can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds, you should not expect that your book will make you an instant fortune. You will need to do some checking first to see if it is worth anything at all. Have a good look at the book to see what you can learn about it.

Water stains or mold these are especially devaluing flaws Loose binding Highlighting, D, some certificates of authenticity are themselves not authentic - sad but true, under. Washington. A. Share it on your social network to get the word out. What are these precautions?

Just click on our website and you can access our entire inventory in a variety of categories. Free in-home evaluation of estates and libraries available with just a phone call. We offer the highest prices anywhere in the area along with same-day removal of books and professional courtesy throughout. I contacted the owner via the web site and bought the book I wanted on his doorstep I would love to have browsed a bit, but a nasty storm was supposed to be a-comin' through, thus the rush buying.


Basbanes :. What are these precautions. I just retired from the university and decided to downsize my library earlier this week. Occasionally, ccover fetching very high prices.

While we make the highest cash offers around, have you considered how you should rate your book collection, with trade being good on all the used and remaindered books in our inventory as well as greeting cards. We'll make you a competitive cash offer on everything you bring in to sell? Unload all your used textbooks and classroom required reading at Half Price Books. Now.

We can't really say what we will buy at any given time, but there are certain things we do not buy? The Smithsonian book of books 1. What a find. Add a Photo.

View Details. It was published in the U. Strengths of his boom included first editions of the classics; works produced by important early presses, and notably an almost complete collection of Aldine editions ; and many Bibles. We offer the highest prices anywhere in the area along with same-day removal of books and professional courtesy throughout.

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  1. Condition is key when it comes to determining a book's value. This is the top grading, reserved for unread books that are still in the same condition as when they were first printed. A book in this condition may have been read, but looks new and has no defects thanks to the owner practicing good book care rules and guidelines. Near Fine refers to books that are clean and have no defects, but may show slight wear at the edges or on the dust jacket. This comes from good handling, protection and storage of the book. 🚣

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