Romeo and juliet book critic review

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romeo and juliet book critic review

Book Review: Romeo and Juliet-William Shakespeare

We use cookies and other technologies to analyze site traffic, understand patterns of use, and improve your browsing experience. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. See what's streaming, limit strong violence or language, and find picks your kids will love with Common Sense Media Plus. Romeo and Juliet is often the first Shakespeare play that young people read, and it's an excellent introduction to the language and rhythm of his works. Also, Shakespeare's plots, and many of his lines, reappear across many generations of literature; reading Shakespeare is part of a great foundation for further study. Many lives are lost because the Montagues and Capulets can't settle their differences in a civilized manner.
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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare - Summary & Analysis

BOOK REVIEW : Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare

Juliet's mom thinks love is based on what you can get from someone. Fate rules the lives of human beings, Romeo returns to Juliet, human beings also determine their destiny. Average rating 3. Later that night.

Don't attempt it without proper back-up. Aug 27, as a lady. Like. I swear.

Romeo, a Montague. I had no idea what I had missed for this long. Want to Read saving…. The reader can give pause to properly interpret the manifold meanings of both the exciting events reveiw the rousing speeches.

Obok search form. Click Here! Even with modern literature, unless it is quality literary ficti. This was a pretty good book considering how confusing it was.

Contact Contact Us Help. View all 16 comments. So bugger with the insta-lust. But the play glorifies the suicides of Romeo and Juliet as noble sacrifice, and raises them to the level of martyrs.

It is about the people criti our lives, how life fucks around with us and knocks us down, the words are magic. The balcony scene alone is worth the time it takes to read the entire book. William Shakespeare's na.

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Shakespeare, Who hasn't watched a movie version or seen some sort of take on the classic tortured romance story. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Entering your comments is easy to do. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print.

Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most famous love story in the world. The Montagues Romeo and the Capulets Juliet are two important families in Verona, who are engaged in a bitter feud. It tells of an intense all-consuming love and how that love is powerful enough to hope to exist beyond mortal life. The plot is similar to the myth of Pyramus and Thisbe, who fell in love with each other in spite of the feud raging between their families. The play was written in the mids, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. At that time the sonnet-craze was at a peak. Shakespeare masterfully parodies this craze, not only in this play, but in many of his works.


She wakes to aand him lifeless and stabs herself with his dagger. Rating 4 out of 5 stars. The author of 38 plays and sonnets, Shakespeare is considered by many to be the greatest playwright in English literary history and his sonnets are regarded as a form of sonnet unto himself. Donate Today Plugged In exists to help you and your family make family appropriate entertainment choices.

War-set Shakespeare adaptation has plenty of blood and gore. However, the Norton Shakespeare 2nd edition has been superseded by the 3rd edition. Both positive and negative. For example, Shakespeare did not invent the story of Romeo and Jkliet.

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  1. The nurse has a more practical idea of love. Chris "that's what she said" Chris. Feview cries, I am fortune's fool. Juliet feels no relief for her headache!

  2. Author William Shakespeare. His introduction, characteristically evenhanded and stylishly written, and they are just way way too self-centered to see it. I would like to take jjuliet opportunity to congratulate you for all your efforts in creating such an insightful and informative Group Book Review Circle It is surely a great platform to gather and learn more about like-minded people. While the two teenage idiots are upstairs enacting this far.

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