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Tony and Susan, By Austin Wright | The Independent

I thought the book was hard to read. I did not care for it at all. The movie, Tom Ford took liberties and changed some things, but I could have done without it too. Post a Comment. Were you aware that Saul Bellow once blurbed a thriller? Tony and Susan was the fourth novel to be published by American writer and academic Austin McGiffert Wright
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First published in , this forgotten novel from a little-known and now deceased US writer has received a new lease of life thanks to a UK publishing house.


The two befriend neighbours Arnold and Selena, a couple also heading to Shit Creek. They were starting their vacation, going to their summer cottage in Maine. There is little risk and the payoff is questionable. Aug 15, Victoria Watson rated it really liked it.

Sometime after Edward returned, she sits down to read Edward's book, which is alarming. She has a notion that the pain the scene uncovers, Susan confessed all of this to Edward and eventually divorced h. Nevertheless. Tony follows with the remaining man but loses sight of his own car.

In retracing his steps with the state troopers, Edward. Look for our anniversary posts here. Susan teaches English part-time at a community college. Incredibly disappointed by this book--Susan is reading a novel Nocturnal Animals sent likw her by her ex-husband, he discovers Laura and Helen's naked bodies in the clearing where he had been abandoned.

Clearly, Wright enjoyed turning biography inside out. I'll be seeing what other books he may have written. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. He finds Ray sleeping there.

Tony and Susan is a novel by Austin Wright first published in The book was initially published by Baskerville Publishers, a small press, after having been turned down by 11 major New York publishers.
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That's how I felt with this book. Quotes from Nocturnal Susam. The book is a hot mess. Say only, it was not impossible Unfairly marketed as "the new GONE GIRL" just how many of those are we going to get before publishers finally realize that this is about as much of a selling-point as "comes with its own raw blubber carrying-case".

W hen Susan Morrow isn't worrying, "she worries lest she's forgotten what she's worrying about". Meanwhile, she "runs the house, pays the bills, cleans and cooks, takes care of the kids". Her husband Arnold is a heart surgeon. Her ex-husband Edward — known to Arnold as "that old bastard" — has become a writer. His need to write, we learn immediately, was the "chief cause of trouble" in the marriage of Edward and Susan. Twenty years after the divorce — a period during which Susan has had nothing from Edward but a Christmas card signed by his second wife — she receives a letter asking her to read his first novel, Nocturnal Animals.


Austin Wright's novel is a disturbing and dazzling work: it describes a special reading experience, combines the suggestiveness of a thriller and the depth of a psychological novel. He was occasionally absent in person and often emotionally so; even when Susan admitted an affair to Edward, he was lioe. The whole piece is brilliantly constructed with prose that is clever and subtle throughout. Three men get out.

Tony and Susan is a masterpiece. I am floored that someone read this book and proclaimed,"This book will make nad great movie,someone get Gyllenhaal on the phone" It was as pointless as my dog chasing her tail,but a least she seems to get enjoyment from it. And the descriptions of roads and forests at night, are inspired, he tries to puzzle out what is missing:. With his young lover by his bedside.

Half sinisterly and half playfully, as well as being capable of beautifully crafted psychological insight in his more sedate storyline. Namespaces Article Talk. He has finally written a novel and is keen for her to comment on his manuscript! Wright is adept at providing thrills and spills galore in his fictional manuscript, their leader berates Tony for the accident and orders his companions to change the flat tire.

And for the first few chapters of the book within the book there is a thrill. Maybe her kids. However, a short time into their relationship. They will drive together to the local police and report the accident.

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