Log and antilog table book

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Suppose you are multiplying a number three times. What are you doing? You will say you will get a cube of a number if it is multiplied three times, Right? Do you know the inverse process of a cube? Finding the cube root of a number is the inverse of getting a cube. In this section, we will learn a new concept of Logarithms and Anti-Logarithms antilog. Antilog has a wide application in the field of mathematics.
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Log And Antilog Table

Muhammad Farooq September 2, at book. A Anonymous Aug 15, By continuing to use our site. Slide your finger along that row to the right to find column 2!

Use the method above to find the logarithms. For example, we will learn a new concept of Logarithms and Anti-Logarithms antilog. In this section, - 5. Slide rules have log scales printed on them.

Sunday quotes April 6, The decoding is achieved by looking up what is known as its antilogarithm or antilog from another page in the book of tables. Add the two logarithms to find the logarithm of the solution. KS Antiloog Sharma Jun 26, at pm.

If you have x, find n using the log table. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Find that the log wntilog Also ignore any decimal points in the number whose logarithm you're looking up, as the mantissa for the log of 1.

If you're looking up the log of Accuracy is important, or you risk more days at sea with meager supplies. Did this summary help you. The image shows the row and column structure of a typical page of log tables?

The Logarithms and Anti-Logarithms with base 10 can be converted into natural Logarithms and Anti-Logarithms by multiplying it by 2. Say you want to find the log of 9. About This Article. Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country through and through.

Solved Examples on Logarithms and Anti-Logarithms

Let's take decibels as an example. Logarithms are also used to express the extent and intensity of certain scales. Method 2. A Anonymous Aug 15, How do I solve problems related to integration and differentiation.

If you've ever wondered how experts determine great distances, earthquake intensity, and global economic growth rates, then you've come to the right place. Calculating very large sums can be slow and confusing. But with the help of logarithms log and antilogarithms antilog , calculations can be made simpler. Read on to learn more about log and antilog, how they work, and why these are relevant mathematical concepts. A logarithm is the power to which a number referred to as the base must be multiplied to itself to obtain a given number. In simpler terms, logarithm solves the problem:. How many times do we multiply b to obtain another number y?


Calculating very large sums can be slow and confusing. It will be the CH. Common logarithms basically describe numbers in terms of their powers of This can be done using antilogarithm antilog.

Log was something I didn't understood after 2 years of studies, but this article made me understand it in just 2 minutes. Slide it over to row 15 and mean differences column 7. Finding the cube root of a antiloh is the inverse of getting a cube. I always forget how to look up a log table and this article explained things really quick,especially when I realized that I didn't know how to look lov log tables a few hours before my chemistry exam.

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