The book of healing and the canon of medicine

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Ibn Sina's Canon of Medicine: 11th century rules for assessing the effects of drugs

Average 4. Votes His philosophical views have engaged the attention of Western thinkers over several centuries, and his books have been among the most important sources in philosophy. In medicine, his encyclpedic book, al-Qanun The Canon - Al Qanun Fi Al-Tibb The Canon of Medicine - was translated into Latin towards the end of the twelfth century CE, and became a reference source for medical studies in the universities of Europe until the end of the seventeenth century. Figure 1. Article Image Banner. Figure 2.
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Avicenna On Treating Arthritis and the Joints from the Canon of Medicine Volume 2 Pdf Book

The Canon of Medicine

The Canon also adopted the ancient theory of Four Temperaments and extended it to encompass "emotional aspects, movements and dre. One should consider the time needed for the drug to take effect. Each member of the body is described to be given each its individual temperament. Harper Press.

It is possible that the drug acted directly against one disease, and acted against the symptom medicihe the other. Kelley in New York City. Article Media. The ISBN number is: .

Ibn Sina, , whose name was Abu al-Hussayn ibn Abdullah ibn Sina, was an outstanding medical writer and physician. His Al-Quanun fi al-Tibb, was a masterpiece of Arabic systemization, in which he sought to collate and organize all known medical knowledge.
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He opted for Ibn Sina's Canon because the book presents an integrated view of surgery and medicine. Ibn Sina tells his readers, for example, how to judge the margin of healthy tissue to remove with an amputation. The enduring respect in the 21st century for a book written a millennium earlier is testimony to Ibn Sina's achievement. This was one of the reasons that Ibn Sina had to move several times during his life. Despite this, he managed to write several outstanding books, which went on to influence the concepts and principles of scholars for centuries. Ibn Sina's studies began in Bukhara under the guidance of several well-known scholars of the time, for example, Abu Abd Allah al-Natili.


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Reduction involved the use of pressure and traction to correct bone and joint deformities. He ot wrote about symptoms and treatments for nightmareepilepsy. It set the standards for medicine in Medieval Europe and the Islamic world and was used as a standard medical textbook through the 18th century in Europe. This section describes blood and compares its healthy states with its unhealthy states.

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  1. The James Lind Library. Pouchelle, pessaries. Ibn Sina was to the Arab world what Aristotle b. Book Five ends with a discussion of compound drugs, Marie-C.

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