Wizards warriors and you books

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wizards warriors and you books

Wizards, Warriors and You Series by R.L. Stine

The idea of the b ook is that you can play either the Wizard or the Warrior with the other becoming a helpful NPC partner. The Warrior gets to choose 3 cool weapons in addition to a magic sword, and the Wizard can cast any of the spells though each has its risks. I like the pictures. I understand every few books they changed up the spells and weapons, but I just have the one tiny little book, so I adapted what is present there, mining it for Old School Hack inspiration. I created a document with the magic weapons statted up for the Warrior, and the spells converted to a single grimore list for the Wizard. I think I rendered the stuff playable in a much more wide-open venue, showcasing the strengths of the Old School Hack rule set.
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Challenge of the Wolf Knight (Wizards, Warriors & You Series)

Conquest of the Barbarians Be the first to review this item. Book 15 of. Except Merlin from Gauntlet.

While generally bungling around, a Barbarian leaps out of a tree. No comments:. Maybe because they've done so many wziards books together. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

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ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I won this magical blade after beating about a dozen dragons and maybe some sort of hydra. More Buying Choices - Paperback. The skin and bone of your fingers and knuckles can actually be damaged by these mighty strikes, possibly rendering you helpless.

Attack on the King Murdered with your own weapon by a guy that didn't even want to fight. To say the characters lack personality is an understatement. Then, you get to ski for free.

Post a Comment. Last time out attempts to contact extraterrestrial intelligences led to wa-wa-wacky highjinks that would not have been out of place in a pile of deleted scenes that were cut from "Benny Hill" for failing to live up to the high intellectual and moral standards of that series. Fortunately, the painful space invader nonsense is over, at least for now. With eighties gamebooks it's just a matter of time before another encounter with a brilliant race that mastered interstellar travel but can't even zip up their pants without massive assistance. Some day, yes. Today, no. It's back to swords, sorcery and screwjobs.


This is very unsatisfying. I love that snow. The idea of the b ook is that you can play either the Wizard or the Warrior with the other becoming a helpful NPC partner. Successors to the Champions.

Then I'm killed with my own sword while begging and cowering. I couldn't sit through any horror movie. To find out more, which may be too numerous to mention, see here: Cookie Policy. Extremely well used and has major flaws?

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  1. These books were first published by Avon in the United States, but a few of them were reissued with new covers by Carousel in the United Kingdom. They take place in the fantasy kingdom of King Henry, where a legendary pair of unnamed heroes, the Wizard and the Warrior, are frequently called upon to complete dangerous missions. The central gimmick of the series is that the reader has the choice in each adventure of taking on the role of either the Wizard or the Warrior. As the Warrior, the reader must select a limited number of weapons from a list in the back of the book before proceeding on a mission; the Wizard is given a full complement of spells but often has to rely more on luck than the Warrior does. The spell and weapon lists changed twice during the course of the series, adding some variety to the adventures. 😛

  2. Then the book, makes me throw a coin to determine what happens next, other methods are used. The Scarlet Shield boooks Shalimar The books rely heavily on randomi. Killing off mentors is a great starting point.

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