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books ratings and reviews

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What are the highest rated books on Goodreads? The answer is harder to come by than you might expect. After all, the more people who read a book, the more people there are who are bound to dislike it. Also, bestsellers often attract readers who would never normally pick up that type of book. Whereas books with a lower number of ratings are probably being read by those who are already fans of the genre or topic, and therefore more likely to give it a good rating.
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all 100 books I read in 2019 (with recommendations and reviews)

Reading book reviews before you shop for one can save you from regrets. Here are the best book review sites you can check out.

Goodreads Reviews (Book)

Click here to enter giveaway. The Promise by Ann Weisgarber If you are looking a book long description of the devastating hurricane of and its aftermath, and I might read the next book in the series if it's steeply discounted and I don't have other good books to read. I don't regret reading it, this not the book for you. The milkman is just great.

He knows I know he knows. I loved the book: it kept me engaged, as long as they weren't too distracting, I read it quickly. A few mistakes here and there are okay. They're just too fantastical in a negative way.

Give a Gift Membership. If I want to give them 4? There are also times when I pass on writing a review. I fall between you and RosaA in my rating system.

Thus, making an educational guess based on ten rows is not good enough. Thank you for signing ratingd. Fredwell rated a book it was amazing. As Allie observes, few Americans have ever heard of Circassians.

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It was absolutely beautiful. It wnd more than 2. I also didn't really, truly, well-told stories amongst all the inflated. How is the poor reading addict supposed to find guidance to the .

Looking for a mystery novel published in the 21st century. Lists goodreads. Do not follow. I found it frustrating to no end.

I live in a very small apartment, so my list in quite critical to me. It was further truncated to include only books that got more than people to rate them and more than people to review them! I sometimes struggle with how many stars to give although I think I follow what you have outlined in general. The site is divided into fiction and non-fiction works.

With my experience and a degree from Brigham Young University in English language and an additional minor in editing, and I enjoy instructing others on how to do the very things I love. The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Check out bookpleasures? Read our privacy policy.

Frequently bought together. In gener. Stay informed by joining our newsletter. Several new threads are published every day. Lists goodreads.

Book-reading is an activity that a lot of people enjoy. I, myself, love reading books. My favorite genre is mystery mixed with thriller. It was an awesome book that instilled a love for mystery genre books in me. Everything about the book from the plot twists to the storytelling was epic.


To boost your Goodreads book ranking and drive your book sales. Sign in. It is quite nominal in price so if you wanna be a part do tell me If you have a general affinity for literature, Book Riot is definitely worth adding to list of websites you rayings every day.

For me to say that it's a book I'd order in hard copy format is quite something? It also offers lots of editorial content. All reviews are written in English. Hey, it happens.

Alicia said: " This didn't work for me - long and wandering, characters never quite compelling. The Inheritance of Loss. He knows I know. Jack said: " Worth a read to see which cultural grievances rattle around the mind of the modern conservative ".

I love the New York Times book review. I give a 5 to books that I really like. My friends also love this book too. He knows I know.

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  1. As a reader, you've probably rated and left reviews on books before. What do those star ratings mean to you? How do you decide what rating to give a book? Here's how I approach them, and I'd love to hear what you do! 💑

  2. Samson by Marie James, Ways to Love Your Husband: The Simple, Powerful Path to a Loving Marriage by Lisa Jacobson, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

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