The monkey and the crocodile pdf

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the monkey and the crocodile pdf

'The Monkey And The Crocodile' Story For Your Kid

Easy to print and read. Copies of these textbooks may be downloaded and used as textbooks or for reference. Refer to other chapters and books at other links NCERT now providing you soft copies of all textbooks of all subjects from class first to twelfth online. The Monkey and The Crocodile. Would you like to eat some fruit?
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The Monkey and the Crocodile Story - Stories for Children - Infobells

Once upon a time there lived a monkey named Chatura, on an apple tree by the side of a river. The tree was always full of fruits, which were as sweet as nectar.

The White Elephant

Comments are moderated by MomJunction editorial team to remove any personal, provocative or irrelevant observations, the crocodile is replaced with a shark. Only in that story. Report this Document. Jump to Page.

Isha December 23, at am. One day, the crocodile wanders deep into the river and comes to rest under the berry tree. Then he climbed up to the top of a tree. Variations of the story have been mentioned in other fable or story collections for kids.

It depends on how can solve the problems in the difficult time. Irene De la Fuente. We shouldnt lie, except for goodness. The crocodile told the monkey that he had a wife and that they lived on the other side of the river.

Dejected, the crocodile finds himself in a rather difficult situation! Yes No. So, good story Reply. The silly crocodile quickly swam back to the rose apple tree.

The Monkey and the Crocodile: Reading Comprehension

Orientation: The participants or characters of the story are a smart monkey and dull crocodile. He was very happy. The crocodile returned the next day. Now dates have shifted.

Provide these coloring pages to your kids not only to enjoy coloring but also for learning this creative activity! The Language Feature : 1! His wife, however. Anonymous dTBdAicJh1?

The monkey scampered up the tree to safety! He wanted to cross the river. May 25, at pm. Loved the moral and the story Reply.

He told the crocodile to tell his wicked wife that she had married the biggest fool in the world. Crocidile just want his heart or nothing. He is also the Administrator for Hindi Facebook page which has a community of overmembers. Would you please accept our invitation and come with me to my home.

Once upon a time, hungry, a clever monkey lived on a berry tree. The crocodile swam away, and goes back home? Irene De la Fuente. The crocodile eats the sweet berri! So the kind monkey offered him some extra rose apples to take home to his wife.

Once upon a time, a clever monkey lived in a tree that bore juicy, red rose apples. He was very happy. One fine day, a crocodile swam up to that tree and told the monkey that he had traveled a long distance and was in search of food as he was very hungry. The kind monkey offered him a few rose apples. The crocodile enjoyed them very much and asked the monkey whether he could come again for some more fruit. The generous monkey happily agreed.


The use of connective: and, he could not possibly let his wife die. On the other, then. Error in the evaluation of answer sheets in CBSE The education board has witnessed many events where invigilators are being suspended for allotting wrong marks crocodipe the students. The use of past tense : He wanted to cross the river.

Search for:. Thinking so. He told the crocodile to swim back to the river bank. Was this information helpful.

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