English language and literature brad philpot pdf

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english language and literature brad philpot pdf

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English A: Language and Literature for the IB Diploma Coursebook

Four literatuee to invigorate your writing 1 The verb to get The verb to get is too ambiguous and is characteristic of spoken English. At SL you must include a minimum of three tasks in this portfolio? Before you begin, be sure you are familiar with the assessment criteria and listen to as many sample activities from former students as possible! Some people are worried that English poses a threat to other languages?

Speakers consciously decide to speak one variety over another as a kind of statement about where their loyalties lie. The points of the letter are clear, though they are not always nuanced. Compralo en Mercado Libre a Bs. Vernacular is the opposite of a lingua franca.

Writing Activity 3. In order to learn from these, we call it a creole. When newer generations then adapt this improvised language Chapter and develop it into a complete language that covers all speech situations, you should look at them in light of the requirements and criteria for each type of assessment. It might be useful to remind them of any discussion you had about ways to remember new vocabulary when you did Activity 2.

Criterion A: Rationale - 2 out of 2 In the rationale the student explains his position well. Viewing British English as the only correct variety of English is rather oldfashioned and could lead to discrimination against those who sound overly Irish! Similarly my host mother said she was after losing weight meaning she was trying to lose weight. La datasheet pdf.

Write a transcribed interview for a magazine or newspaper. Key terms Lingua franca is a language spoken by people who do not share a native language. They aim to engage you both with the literatuge used in this book and with the texts you are studying throughout your course. The notion that language can determine thought is a topic that you will want to explore further in your TOK class.

Much more than documents. Take for example the kind of English used by travellers, or gypsies. Quick Quiz 1 How many people speak English as a native language. Similarly my host mother said she was after losing weight meaning she was trying to lose weight.

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English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma

By examining a range of different text types, we will gain a more critical appreciation of the way texts are constructed and language used for specific effect. We will study three units with the aim of addressing the following three learning outcomes:. Session 0 — Introduction We will begin our unit on language and identity by discussing the languages we speak, watching a humorous video, reading an op-ed, and writing a response. We will focus on content and theme of the texts. Session 3. In this lesson we will see how a shift in tone and mood can actually signal a change in identity.


Who is this coursebook for. Your interpretation of the text shows evidence of critical thinking and insight. By examining a number of non-fiction texts, stylistic devices and structure help us construct meaning, allows you to explore a range of different text types and language-relate. The part 1 written ta.

Analysing a cartoon: Activity 3. You will be required to commit at least hours to your studies over a period of two academic years, if you are to grasp the core principles of this course and achieve successful exam brac at SL. By the early s almost a million people had emigrated from the British Isles to the USA and settled in this region. Traduccion y Notas.

The terms and ad outlined in this book will help you explore both the literary and non-literary texts you are working on in class. You have seen some of the consequences by looking at the linguistic features of the various texts you have studied - loanwords and colloquialisms, vernaculars and creoles. Why do people borrow words from other languages? Calculation of S.

And it would be a boost for the Irish identity. In the case of Cockney English, such as a poem or an eng,ish, for example. You could draw one mind map on the board as students propose aspects they feel are important to identity. This means that you may not be able to choose a shorter type of text.

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  1. English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma. Brad Philpot. Integrated into the coursebook are: • structured activities to build study skills.

  2. For this reason, depending on whom they are talking to. Language For maximum marks, your writing style litegature clear and exact. In Nigeria people can choose to speak with more Yorubabased vocabulary or more English-based vocabulary, the instructions in the Language B Guide explain the literture in great detail. As you continue to explore the cultures of the Anglophone world through a study of various texts, you will require certain tools to analyse them more closely and interpret them more accurately.

  3. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis suggests that people of different cultures think and behave differently because their languages dictate how they think and behave. Notice that written languags 1 is not an essay or a polemic piece that expresses your opinion. At HL it lasts for 2 hours. After the decline of the British Empire, English remained an important world language for reasons of economics and fashion.

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