Where can i sell loose leaf textbooks

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where can i sell loose leaf textbooks

how to sell loose leaf | Tips from Tom the Bookworm

What services do you provide? What kind of books do you buy and sell? We also buy other fiction and non-fiction titles depending on current market demand. What is your policy regarding privacy and confidentiality? We understand that your privacy and confidentiality are extremely important. Any personal information that you give us such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, or any credit card information is kept strictly confidential and is used only to provide you with the best possible online experience.
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DIY: Fixing Loose Leaf Textbook into Binder

CSU Bookstore Textbook Sell Back & Rental Return

Property Law: Rules, Policies. We accept these books if the exact ISBN match is in our database! Why are you offering me less.

Anyone actually use a loose leaf version. It was a read and put away text and wasn't used for reviewing for the AP exam, so it didn't get heavy use. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages when a label was reused. We also buy other fiction and non-fiction titles depending on current market demand.

Old wherw do not generally have as great a buyback value as current editions. Condition: We only buy back books in resalable condition. I would sometimes even take a few pages out and put them in my back pocket and read them during slow times at work. My son had one for a calculus class?

How do you determine whether a book is graded as "new" or "used". Fundamentals of Nursing by Patricia A. Once they have been opened, or if your book has not been ordered by a professor for the next semester! Overstocks and Current Editions Not Being Used on Campus : If we have reached our limit on a particular title for next term, they can't be re-sold!

By comparing EVERY textbook site to find you the one offering the most cash for your bound and now useless learning accessory. Go To Topic Listing. Items stored in notebooks just don't get reopened much here. The copies you see on the shelf, not the copy that you sold at buyba.

He keeps it in a large three ring binder. The amount you get is less because the wholesale company buying it is going to sell selll to another bookstore, who in turn will sell it to a student on their campus. Here's the truth! You can find the ISBN on the back of a book near the barcode or on the copyright page.

What is a loose leaf edition?

Cash for Books - How It Works. The Mercyhurst University Bookstores buy back books at the end of the Fall term and Spring term during finals week. Next Scheduled Buyback:. Monday, May 6th - Friday, May 12th. At both Erie and North East Bookstores.

I found a got a lot of studying done during small down times like waiting for the parking lot shuttle. Additionally, any charges textbookrecycling incurs for label reuse will be charged back to the customer. We had the same situation for ds17's chem class this fall. Stop by with your books to check prices. One of mine has a loose-leaf Spanish book.

See store calendar for buyback details. Cash for Books. Cash for Books - How It Works. Stop by with your books to check prices. We hold a daily buyback and a major buyback at the end of each Fall and Spring semester. There are several factors used to determine how much cash you can get back for your used textbooks, including:. Generally speaking, textbooks will be purchased until we reach our needed quantity for the next semester.


I would have preferred a bound book. Please note that looseleaf textbooks must be complete no missing pageseven with 2 different types of binders. Ds claimed every time he opened the binder the pages tore, and they must be sold back in a 3-ring binder. If this is taking a really long time.

Principles of Microeconomics by N. Now use your favorite esll to search your favorite sites and products for coupons, promo codes and discounts. This might affect resale, but hard to guess which way. I would sometimes even take a few pages out and put them in my back pocket and read them during slow times at work.

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  1. College bookstores won't buy back loose leaf textbooks, but there is an online textbook buyback website that does – westoaklandworks.com Loose Leaf textbooks are​.

  2. Ask your professor if she has sent her textbook order to the bookstore! It may depend on the quality of the paper. These books will not be returned to you. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

  3. What's with the ads? So my son is looking for his physics textbook for his college class this fall. It is a relatively new edition last year so there really aren't used ones available. Obviously, it would be easier to lose pages, but one pro would be that he wouldn't have to lug the entire book around with him all the time -- just the chapter or two he is currently studying. One big con is that it's a lot more difficult to re-sell a loose-leaf version, or keep it for future reference. 🤮

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